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RandM Pursuits is a multi-functional, internationally inspired, firm serving as Consultant, Developer, and Producer.  Ricardo and Marissa are the leads of RandM Pursuits, LLC.  With over 50 years of combined business experience in the Entertainment Industry.  They have exceptionally excelled within the music, tour management, live stage, television production & market research sectors.


Our focus is on creating joint ventures addressing mission-driven priorities. Cutting through the noise and producing opportunities that matter most. Turning strategy into execution and results. Our aim is to consistently explore strategic partnerships that expand into mutually beneficial business endeavors. 


As a veteran in the entertainment industry, Marissa’s mission is to exemplify the best that can come from entertainment. During her career, she chose to learn as a way of life, in spite of circumstances and trials. Coming to a true understanding of wellness through her industry experiences, she mastered the skill set necessary for flexibility, focus, and diplomacy while working with a medley of personalities. Marissa sharpened her ability to identify and analyze system performances for trends and areas of opportunity and/or concern. This also translates when it comes to people and communities. Assisting the well-being and health of communities through effective coaching of positive lifestyle management techniques. There is an element of entertainment & wellness in everything she brings to the table.  A healthy balance of her own wellness! 

Marissa built her career with major and boutique record labels, management firms, audio/visual & television productions. Supporting some of the best executives, talent & corporations in the world of music, television & film. Working with 19 Entertainment, the management & production company for American Idol, Outkast during the “The Love Below/ SpeakerBoxxx” 10x platinum, Grammys Album of the Year release, facilitating as an assistant at Overbrook Entertainment for Will & Jada Pinkett Smith directly, solidifying a booking & administrative hub for Too $hort closing on deals with agents, major cable networks and live performances.


Ricardo, a native Brooklynite, was nurtured by one of the greatest fathers of time, Hip Hop. Losing his own father as a baby, he developed a passion for hip hop, an outlet of expression was provided and to this day that passion has never dissipated.


He holds 30 years of experience in the music business dating back to 1987.  Travel presented opportunities for Ricardo to freelance in his area of passion and expertise as a consultant. He began his career as a young artist performing at the legendary Apollo Theater in New York City.  The exposure of performing led him to develop an interest and an appreciation for the work behind the scenes. Ricardo learned the fundamentals of management which led to a career as a promoter, tour manager and nightclub partner.  Developing Club Kaya in Atlanta.  As owner & promoter, he bolstered Club Kaya to be rated #1 by the Atlanta Journal constitution for Old School Sundays.


During his pertinent moments of experience, Ricardo has worked closely with Def Jam Founder Russell Simmons, Idol Makers Founder, Herb Azor and then CEO of Rush Management, Lyor Cohen.  Large scale tours, domestic and international, rounds out his experience traveling with Dana Dane, Salt & Pepa, Kid & Play, Kwame, Technotronic, Keith Murray, Queen Pen and Third Bass.


Today, a father of 3 - Xavier 18, Braxton 13 and Ricki 9 - Ricardo encourages his children to value the diversity of the arts and culture, worldwide.

Through her travels Marissa has learned to value her adaptability to flow with change in life & industry, at the drop of a dime.  “Our focus is  to connect beyond the surface business needs at hand but connecting to Purpose.   The purpose of the client, the purpose of the project, the overall purpose.”






The business relationships that RandM Pursuits have developed and nurtured over the years is an exceptional provision

to our clients, partners and communities. 



Theater Marquee Lights


Fresh Fest

Public Enemy 

Rap Mania

Rock The Bells 



Brian McKnight

Elijah Kelly

DJ Clark Kent

Ky "Shut It Down" Davis

Miki Howard


Queen Pen

Too Short

Salt -N- Pepa

Will & Jada Smith

Entertainment Houses

19 Entertainment

Blackground Records

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

DEF JAM Records

Idol Makers

Jive Records

Motown Records

Overbrook Entertainment 

Rush Management

Shout! Factory

STAR TRAK Entertainment

Universal Records

TV Shows

American Idol

What Not To Wear

While You Were Out

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